Herbert graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. He has had extensive clinical experience treating a wide variety of conditions during internships at UTS,  and the Japan China Friendship Hospital in Beijing. Since graduation he has opened up private practice in the Blue Mountains where he focuses on quality care in a peaceful environment. 

Herbert has a clinical focus on musculoskeletal conditions and with a passionate interest in Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods he is able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions. 

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Herbert Huiskamp

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Hazelbrook Acupuncture

Herbert's practice is located in Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains. The clinic can be found at 34 Luchetti Ave Hazelbrook. 


  • What should I expect at my first TCM consult?

​​During your first consultation, you can expect to undergo a thorough patient history, examining the history of your presenting problem, as well as questions regarding your general health. 
The diagnostic process may further include relevant tests such as neurological and physical assessments, BP and pulse measurements as examples. TCM diagnostic methods such as pulse taking, observing the tongue, and palpation of affected areas may also be utilised.

When a diagnosis has been made, it will be explained to you and a  treatment strategy will be discussed with you, Any questions and concerns you have will be happily addressed and answered.

Then it is time to relax and enjoy your treatment, and first steps on a road to better health.

Any therapies that will be undertaken during treatment will be explained thoroughly, and consent for any treatment will always be asked for. If at any time you have a question, never hesitate to ask. 

  • Does acupuncture hurt?

​Acupuncture should be almost painless! Although this is not a guarantee, the needles are so fine they should be barely felt on insertion. Once inserted, it is normal to feel what is known as a needle sensation which can be anything from dull, heaviness, and aching but it should not be painful or uncomfortable. 

If you find you are sensitive to the needles, there are ways to decrease the pain or sensation felt so never hesitate to give feedback. We strive provide the most comfortable experience possible at all times. 

  • How many treatments will I need?

Herbert is a firm believer in patient centered care and that means we want you to recover ASAP! Therefore we believe TCM treatments should be used to achieve a point in recovery, where the patient can take care of their own health and maintain it with lifestyle and exercise. 

Usually it is recommended that a new patient undergoes 3-4 treatments after which your condition is reassessed.  

For the majority of cases (in particular musculoskeletal conditions) this amount is sufficient.  For more difficult to treat and chronic conditions, a longer treatment period may be required.

Individual prognosis will be discussed on your initial appointment. 

Hazelbrook Acupuncture